After the merry-go-round and the Eiffel Tower we walked home along the Sienne. We found this fantastic bridge and crossed it. Usually when I travel I do tons of research and plan the trip to the minute. This trip was my first as a parent and I barely had enough time to pack. It was nice not having plans and seeing Paris in a relaxed way. The only thing I regret is not knowing what things were when I saw them like this bridge for instance. You could see the whole city while standing on it. The Husband took these fabulous pictures of me! If you have any idea where I am in these pictures let me know! The bridge had huge sculptures and was very grand!

Stay Glamorous,



3 responses to “PARIS BRIDGE

  1. I would say Pont Alexandre 3.

  2. All I know is that it’s incredible! Thanks so much again for sharing Paris with us Shannon. Xx

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