When we got down from the Eiffel Tower we saw this beautiful merry-go-round. Even though it was raining I still wanted to go on it!Here is a close up view of the merry-go-round.I choose to ride an Emu. The Husband took these fabulous pictures of me on the Merry Go Round!Of course afterwards, I had to have some cotton candy or as the French call it Papa’s Beard. It was the perfect end to a perfect night at the Eiffel Tower.

Stay Glamorous,



10 responses to “MERRY-GO-ROUND… YES!

  1. I love your smile on the last photo. You and the “barbe à papa” is a true love story !
    Your trip in Paris was a dream, it looked like your dreams and it’s magic. I know Paris well enough but to see through your eyes make me dream!
    When I go is for the job, it’s different.
    It’s funny because read your vision of Paris makes me dream and gave me the idea of ​​spending a weekend with my husband … I wanted to return to Amsterdam, but maybe it will finally be Paris!
    Enjoy and have a good day !

  2. I love the pic of ya on the emu with the tower in the background. Your hubs’ takes great pics. I’m glad that you are still sharing them with us. Enjoy your trip to LA.

  3. These have to be my favourite pictures so far. Hubby is good capturing you with the camera, and it must have been magical, I am Jealous.

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