Princess A has won the war. She no longer wants to be fed like a baby. Today I tried to feed her and she clinched up her mouth grabbed the spoon and threw it at me. So I decided rather than fight with her I should nurture her desire to eat like a big girl.

Right now she can pick up some finger foods and hold a spoon but her prefered way of eating is to dunk her hand into the baby food and lick it off her hands. I am fine with the mess. I am just afraid she won’t get enough nutrients. Right now she loves blueberries, cheese, scrambled eggs, strawberries, potato pancakes, and bananas. Any advice on good finger foods for babies who haven’t completely mastered the pincher grasp?

Stay Glamorous,



9 responses to “FINGER FOOD HELP

  1. macaroni and cheese, cheerios will help with the pincher grasp, vienna sausages, and trust me hun she will get enough nutrients with whatever she eats as long as you make sure she eats right…… tis all good hun, just let her eat thats all that matters….. keep up having the fun lol

  2. Thanks Katie… I would have never thought of vienna sausages or macaroni and cheese!

  3. Lillian is kind of a veggie-freak so she loved all kind of vegetables you can chop into sticks (carrots (or baby carrots), red and yellow paprika (pepper), cherry tomatoes, cheese-sticks and she’s (still) a fan of oven-baked french fries (without salt) but with a little salad cream or mayonnaise. She liked carrots and paprika cooked and of course she loved pasta (mostly farfalle – they look like little butterflies) with butter or pesto.

    She eats with a fork and spoon since a few months (she’s 22 months old), of course she’s still not perfect but most of the food already makes it into her mouth. 😉

    So sweet – as I read your recent blog entry with the picture of Princess A , she looked at the photo and said “Ah, baby, suß, mädsi” (süß, Mädchen)”.

    • Paprika and french fries are such a good idea. I didn’t think about that! Thanks Ann!

      • Lilli ate her first french fries when she was 9 months old and she always pointed her index finger at them and said “daaaaaaa”. She couldn’t get enough of them.

        Since a few months she loves pizza (homemade) with paprika, mushrooms, tomatoes and ham. Every time when I put the baking tray into the oven, she always runs into the kitchen, jumps up and down and yells “pizza, pizza, pizza”. 😀

  4. Aww the little darlin, I love them at this age so cute and defiance, anticipation and real joy are expressed by them in only their way lol. I wish I could send you some vegemite. That on bread soldiers are a fav for us mums here hehe. Anything nice and soft that can be cut into fingers is good. A has a couple of teeth?

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