Our Paris hotel was right next to the Shakespeare and Company book store. It is a gem of a store that authors like Ernest Hemingway have worked at. I so wish Princess A could have been there with us because she loves books.The store was filled with rare books and it had a good vibe because tons of students hang out there and some of them even live upstairs.I wrote a letter to the world on this typewriter and stuck it on the wall. What I wrote is a secret but maybe if you go to the store you can find it!The best part was the bookstore had a cute librarian, Claire the dog. Yes, I cheated on Freckles and played and cuddled with another dog while in Paris. Shhhhhhhhh! I wish she could talk because since she works at such a fabulous store imagine the stories she could tell you!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. It’s an enchanting place, isn’t it? I live and breathe books (that sounds weird), so when I was there I wanted to never leave. There’s a book about the store and its history: Sylvia Beach, Shakespeare and Company; if you’re interested.
    I love reading your blog, even though I’m not even close to being a mommy (yet) 🙂
    Xox from Germany, Eva

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