I am embarrassed to write this but I feel that it is necessary. So when I got pregnant I thought I was going to be one of those glamorous pregnant women who only gain thirty pounds and breeze into new mommyhood. Instead, I gained 100 pounds, couldn’t get a handle on breastfeeding, didn’t sleep for the first three months, and was a total wreck until Amelia was about 7 months old. When I was a new mom I used to see moms with older babies and be jealous of how good they looked or how confident they were as a mom. Now I know that maybe they were just as insecure and crazy as me the first three months. So I wanted to write and share some pics from my first few months as a mom so if there are any new moms out there they don’t feel like they are the only ones who had a rough go of it.

Above is a picture of me 9 months pregnant and 100 pounds heavier. I tried to eat healthy and I did eat healthy things I just ate a lot of healthy things. I would wake up starving and if I didn’t eat a pound of yogurt I would feel dizzy. The only person who was happy about my weight gain was Freckles because he loves yogurt and I shared it with him. He also loved cuddling with my pregnant belly. I think he though it was a human pillow.Then Princess A was born and nothing was as I expected. Breastfeeding hurt like hell. I would rather give birth to Princess A every day for a year than breastfeed for a year. I got so bloated after birth that I looked like I had gained more weight. The worst part was Princess A was tiny. Way smaller than I had expected. She wasn’t the chubby happy baby I had seen in movies. She was a 6 pound raisin who looked like she would break when I touched her. Just look how big my bloated hands are in the above pic and how small Princess A is. I will say Princess A always had a unique sense of humor even when she was a newborn. I used to not want to cry in front of her but the first night in the hospital I did because I was in so much pain and Princess A started smiling at me. And I don’t care what anyone says it wasn’t gas… it was a real smile because to this day whenever I get upset or cry Princess A still laughs at me.Here I am a little happier because I am no longer breastfeeding. But I am still huge, exhausted, and probably in need of a shower. I thought motherhood was going to be like this love at first sight thing where the second Princess A was born I would be so connected with her and that I would always know what she wanted and never be exhausted or upset. Instead, motherhood proved to be more like an arranged marriage where I all the sudden was expected to meet the needs and wants of a complete stranger and be completely happy and in love while doing so.This picture was taken yesterday. Princess A is 9 months old and riding the new car her grandparents bought her. Freckles is jealous of the car. And I have lost the baby weight, smile, wear fun outfits, and don’t scream at The Husband all day. Things are as they should be. But it took a lot of time, fighting, crying, therapy, therapy, and therapy. Now when I walk down the street with Princess A people compliment my clothes and Amelia’s clothes or they say things like , “You look so put together” or “How do you do it with a young baby and a dog”. I am now the mom I was jealous of when Princess A was a newborn. So I just wanted to let all the new moms out there know that they are not alone and in time they will grow into their new role. The mom they are jealous of was probably just as scattered as they are now.

Now I need your help. Sometimes I have bad days and just don’t feel glamorous because I don’t have time for a shower, makeup, or hair styling. What do you do to make yourself feel fabulous in 5 minutes?

Stay Glamorous,



14 responses to “5 MINUTE GLAMOUR FIX

  1. I have tears in eyes … it’s so beautiful, so true. You feel that you have written these words with your heart and it touched me.
    Sometimes I tell myself that I’d like to make their pounds and be pregnant … A year and a half to hope and pray … but nothing! Sometimes it’s demoralizing. At first I thought this is normal, leave time. But now I begin to ask questions. And the years go by, I have 32 years. I hope one day to know all the constraints that you described!
    Otherwise to feel glamorous in 5 minutes … I’ll give you my secret “L’Occitane”. A French brand of body products among others. there is a shop in Rockefeller Center, just as in France. I love their product, fragrances. Just pass me a balm on the lips, hand cream and I feel good. It’s silly but it’s my time to myself. This year they made marvelous fragrances: flower hisbiscus and also “Lemon Clementine.”

    • Thanks Cecile! They just opened a L’Occitane in my neighborhood. I had never heard of it but now I will have to check it out! Don’t loose hope Cecile! I have tons of friends who struggled to get pregnant for years and are now holding their beautiful babies. Sometimes I am a little jealous of them because they had to try so hard that when they finally had their babies they were so happy that they were able to get through the first three months much easier than I was. I got pregnant quick and sometimes took it for granted. I am sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. I loved reading this. I felt the exact same way after my son was born.
    My five minute glamour fix is putting on my red heels, silver peacock earrings a friend gave me after her trip to India and mascara. It doesn’t matter if I am in a jogging suit, jeans and a tee, or dressed to go out. Those things always make feel better.

  3. Absoultely brilliant Shannon. I love this too, and why I keep coming back for more! Cécile my prayers are with you honey. I 42 and proud! My first bub is Autistic, so from day 1 it was go go go however I forgot about me until my loving friends made sure to remind me I was important too. Now he is a beautiful young 16 yr old man, and very high functioning that I can not only make time for me but also my other 2 lol. Being an aussie, I keep with Elle’s logic on beauty and glamor..keep it simple, dehydrate (best for looking AND feeling great inside and out) and less is more. Our climate is so nice that a ‘3 second shower and drip dry’ can always be a doable thing. And eyecream, not so much to make them puffy but dailOk, enough from me for now. 🙂 Until the next time.

  4. I mean hydrate lol. Oh well.

    • That’s what I thought lol… I was like if you are dehydrated isn’t that bad for you and your skin?

      • Lol indeed, I was at the beach yesterday on my tablet juggling a coffee in the other hand while watching the 2 little ones on their scooters so my mind was in mummy mode making sure I could still see them in the huge pre-new year crowd hehe. And thanks Shannon, he is doing really well now, so proud of him as he is so determined to graduate and get into the IT field. That used to be something the doctors told me would never happen and as far as teens go he really is a joy.

      • That’s so awesome! I bet he will do really well in the IT field… doctors aren’t always right 🙂

  5. I just hide my uncombed hair under my favourite hat, put on my designer glasses, my dangling moonstone-earrings and smile at myself in the mirror. It always makes me feel better.

    Reading this post makes me feel better because I felt the same way about many things. When I was 9 months pregnant I felt so massive… my back was hurting like hell and my skin looked worse than in puberty. After I gave birth to Lillian I felt so insecure and she was like a little stranger… but she was a sweet girl and that made it a lot easier. 😉 10 months later I had lost my pregnancy weight x 2 ( I have been way out of shape when I became pregnant ). Now my little girl is almost 2 years old and talking, talking, talking… sometimes I just wish to push the mute-button.^^

  6. Seriously, I love this. I was so distraught the first 3 months I wanted to jump off a bridge! No one warns you about that kinda stuff!
    But, since Cam has been born, I have learned how to go out with wet hair.. every single day. I have learned to embrace my natural wavy hair and skip the blow dryer and hair straightener.. crazy! I never thought that would happen 🙂
    I am proud that I didn’t gain very much while being pregnant, but no one told me about AFTER having the baby! Good lord, I was so bloated, I could barely fit into my yoga pants that I brought to the hospital that I had been wearing all throughout my pregnancy! Someone needs to write a book called.. THE THINGS PEOPLE DONT TELL YOU.
    I will be your co-writer 😉

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