The outside of Printemps was so fabulous we decided we had to go inside.The security guards were dressed so dapper I had to get a picture with them!The Christmas tree was so big I couldn’t even get it into one shot.You could see every floor from the top and they had beautiful hanging sculptures. Even though it was very busy I never felt crowded because the design of the store was so open.We didn’t buy any clothes or accessories but I couldn’t say no to French macaroons! They came in this fancy box.Were oh so yummy!And even looked pretty! I had so much fun gazing at all the designer duds and eating macaroons at Printemps. If you are ever in Paris you should check it out!

Stay Glamorous,



One response to “INSIDE PRINTEMPS

  1. Wow! The tree is so magical. It makes me miss Melbourne..most Metropolitan City here. That tree is insanely big. I love it!! And when the macaroons look that fine how can you say no? 🙂

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