They say behind every great man is a great woman. I believe this to be true but I also believe behind every great family is a great dog. This is Freckles as a puppy playing with his favorite toy before he destroyed it. When we got married I wanted to have kids right away. So did The Husband but he also wanted a dog. I was against it until I saw Freckles.

He was only four pounds and seemed so helpless. We named him Freckles for obvious reasons and took him home hours after seeing him. We were told he would grow up to be 12 pounds. Now he is 35 pounds and not overweight. I think you get the dog you need not the dog you want because Freckles is small enough to not tip my daughter over but big enough to withstand her tough love.

The first year was a tough one. He had a chicken allergy we didn’t know about and had explosive diarrhea more times than I would like to remember. He was so cute that we let him sleep in our bed. One night when I was newly pregnant we woke up to a poop covered bed. It was like Trainspotting for dogs. This is just one of the many poop stories I have about Freckles.

He also had acid reflux as a puppy and puked a ton. We had to give him Pepcid AC for the first 8 months of his life. I don’t like that he went through pain but it taught me how to deal with reflux which was good because my daughter was born with acid reflux that she eventually grew out of as well.

I am really glad we got Freckles before the baby because he has been the glue that has kept us going. When I was pregnant and my husband was working it was nice to have someone to cuddle with. When I went into labor he was very supportive and cuddled up next to me. When we brought Princess A home he was gentle with her and got jealous of her at times but never acted on it. When she had six-hour colic crying marathons he would walk in the park with us or he would cuddle next to me while I tried to soothe her.He was also a big help when my husband and I fought because it’s hard to stay mad when there is a cute dog who just wants to cuddle and lick everyone’s face.

Freckles has also taught me so much and everyday I wish I was more like him. He never holds grudges and is always happy. If he does feel down all you need to do is play fetch with him and his mood is instantly turned around. He loves everyone but if a stranger does so much as look at Princess A watch out because he is very protective. He knows that sometimes the only thing to do to make yourself feel better is to nap, cuddle, or get some fresh air in the park. My favorite part is his optimism and determination. I used to never give him human food but for a year he still looked at me with a big smile every time I ate something hoping I would feed him. His perseverance finally paid off because once Princess A started eating solids we lost that battle because she loves feeding him. Also, it is too cute to stop.

Today is his 2nd birthday and I just wanted to share a bit about why I love him so much. In honor of Freckles, I would love to hear your stories and thoughts about why your dogs are so awesome! I know dog language so I will be able to tell Freckles your stories :).

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Aww! Happy Birthday Freckles! Fluffy says ‘woof’ and is congratulating Freckles on his birthday too 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Freckles. What a gorgeous boy! My dog would wake me up with a little poop parcel every morning as a pup when I was pregnant lol. The joy she would give me when she would lay her had on my tum and bub would kick her was incredible. She couldn’t wait for my son to be born lol. This was a long time ago when she was so small.

  3. Happy Birthday Freckles!

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