To celebrate the holidays we took Princess A to the Guggenheim to see Peter and the Wolf narrated by Isaac Mizrahi. We live close to the museum so we were able to use the baby carrier. I regret wearing heels though, Princess A now weighs 21 pounds and it was hard walking in heels with the extra weight. Oh well, I looked fabulous!It was a very intimate theater so Princess A was able to play as much as she wanted before the show.They had balloon sculptures to represent all the characters in the story.Princess A enjoyed staring at them. Her favorite part was looking at the shadows the balloon sculptures created.Once the show began she enjoyed playing with The Husband’s hat to the beat of the Julliard Ensemble. Isaac Mizrahi was hilarious and his narration of the classic tale was entertaining to children and adults alike. Princess A loves being upside down so for the rest of the show she sat upside down on my lap. She decided to loudly babble which made everyone ,including Isaac Mizrahi, stare at us. I was just happy to go to a glamorous event with Princess A and The Husband. It also gave me an excuse to wear this cute necklace. I was really happy we choose this as Princess A’s first show because it was only thirty minutes long and very close to our apartment.In no time we were back home with Freckles! The next show we are going to see is the Rockettes which is longer and in the middle of nap time. I hope Princess A behaves as well at that show!

My Outfit

Boots- Crocs (Gift)

Dres- Diane von Furstenberg (Gift)

Tights- $14.90 Express

Necklace- Betsey Johnson (Gift from The Husband)

Coat- Nordstrom Rack (Gift)

Glasses- Chanel (Gift)

Baby Carrier- $120 Ergo

Princess A’s Outfit

Dress- $30.50 Zutano

Tights and Leg Warmers- $15 Zutano

Turtleneck- Carter’s (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,




  1. You both look so glamorous. The pics are great. Love your husbands hat too.

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