We had to get some last-minute holiday gifts. So of course, we went to our favorite store Marc Jacobs. Princess A loved the Christmas tree in the Little Marc Jacobs store! I bought Princess A a fabulous new shirt I can’t wait to show off… stay tuned!Then we went to the Marc by Marc Jacobs accessory store. I don’t know how Princess A feels about the animals above her but I know she loves the purses!I put her in front of the mirror to distract her so I could buy her a tiny Marc by Marc purse. It’s green and I can’t wait to show it to you. Right now it is wrapped so you will have to wait!This is my favorite tree because it is hot pink. I think Freckles likes it too! Princess A was to busy eyeing purses and shoes to smile for this picture!Next we went to the Marc by Marc Jacobs ready to wear store to get our picture taken in front of the trailer park themed window display.Princess A was very serious when she had her picture taken. I think she was upset with me for only buying her one Little Marc Jacobs shirt. It was a lot of fun and I almost didn’t go because I was feeling very tired that day. Princess A is getting her 2 front top teeth still and is proving to be quite the lovable handful. I decided to wear a ladybug shirt to make myself feel better and to wear shoes and socks inspired by Michael Jackson. This made me feel fabulous enough to take a cab to Marc Jacobs which was a very good thing. Imagine if Princess A didn’t get to see the Marc Jacobs holiday decorations!

My Outfit

Shirt- Topshop (Gift)

Pants- $30 Nordstrom rack

Socks- $13 American Apparel

Shoes- $69 Bass via

Princess A’s Outfit

Shirt- $24.50 77 Kids

Pants- Baby Gap (Gift)

Socks- Little Missmatched (Gift via Aunt Stacey)

Hat- $8.95 The Children’s Place

Coat- $50 Zutano

Stay Glamorous,



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