I love the fabulous Christmas windows in New York City. I can’t wait until Princess A is older and it is easier to transport her so we can go all around the city and look at all the window displays! Tiffany’s holds a special place in my heart because the husband proposed to me outside of the store… yes I know… he is awesome. I know I am biased but I love Tiffany’s Christmas windows this year!It has a carousel theme which Princess A loved.The detail of the windows is amazing. Just look at the drawing of the carousel animals. My favorite is the giraffe.Inside the windows they have tiny intricate winter carousel scenes. This reminds me that I must take Princess A to the caraousel in central park before it gets too cold!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. It’s so beautiful! the details are impressive … I love rabbit and the lion!
    I really need to return to NY for Christmas. It lets me dream, I can hardly imagine the atmosphere. Normally I keep looking around so everything is too big, beautiful … but for Christmas, it must be magical!
    It’s good to see this picture after a day’s work (it is 7PM in France!) Thank you for this moment of bliss …

  2. Shannon, have you seen the book “5th Avenue at 5am”?

    I got it for Julie for Xmas… 😉

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