I am really enjoying Amelia’s first Hanukkah! I love watching her try to spin the dreidel and open up her gifts. I can’t wait till next year when she can eat some chocolate gelt! I started buying her and Freckles Hanukkah gifts and outfits months ago. I was so focused on them that I didn’t even think about picking out a cute outfit for myself. I can’t even find our yarmulkes. Freckles is the only male wearing a yarmulke in our family which I find hilarious. He does look very dignified in it though!My favorite part of Hanukkah so far is watching my dog successfully spin the dreidel with his nose and then watching my daughter try it herself but just ends of throwing it around. Freckles keeps trying to teach her but to no avail… maybe next year.I am horrible at making desserts so I bought some cupcakes and menorah cookies from my favorite local French bakery, Champignon on Madison.Here is a close-up of the yummy cupcakes!

After we were done decorating and before our guests arrived I decided to take Amelia and Freckles to the park so they could do thier favorite thing… SWING!

Pink Dreidel- $3 CVS

Miracle Shirt- $16 Carter’s

Pants- 77 Kids (Gift)

Dog Yarmulke- $9

Wooden Menorah- Pottery Barn Kids (Gift)

Stay Glamorous and Have a Happy Hanukkah!




  1. This is just priceless. Thank you for putting a smile on my face this early in the morning (west coast time). Thats hard to do. Enjoy your day. Take lots of pics. Happy Holidays.

  2. Glamorous Shannon! I enjoyed spending time with Princess A, Hubby and you that night. Princess A was dazzling! She is one beautiful little girl.

    Enjoy the blog, the photographs of Paris are cool (hubby with the giant beer is my favorite), but the shopping windows of NYC make we want to come back and this time have some time to spend with you walking around.

    Love you Honey!

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