I am a huge animal lover and this influences my fashion choices. I love anything with a cute animal on it. I don’t know if you can tell but my favorite animal print this season is the panthera print from Marc Jacobs. It’s getting to the point where I almost can’t say favorite anymore because it is more like an obsession. I have the panthera dress, shirt, scarf, bracelet, hair pin, and bag. The newest edition to my panthera collection is the scarf. It is just warm enough and adds some offbeat style to any outfit. It’s also great for playing “Where’s Amelia?” because you can see through the scarf enough to see Amelia’s cute faces when she is hiding from us.Usually I don’t like to mix animal prints but I decided to add these leopard earrings to the ensemble anyway. They are simple enough to not make the outfit tacky.

Panthera Scarf- Marc by Marc Jacobs (Gift)

Leather Jacket- Michael Kors (Gift)

Earrings- Betsey Johnson (Gift from The Husband)

Shirt- $16.99 Gap

Pants- $59.95 Gap

Sunglasses- $16 Urban Outfitters

Princess A’s Hat- $10.50 Zutano

Stay Glamorous,



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