I really wanted these sparkle Uggs but I don’t need them and they cost $170. With the holidays I don’t have room in my budget for something I don’t need no matter how sparkly it is!Luckily, I found these boots at Old Navy for $30… yes, you heard me right… 30 bucks. I get compliments on these all the time and everyone thinks they are real Uggs. They are also very warm and comfy. I am so proud of myself for not splurging and finding a cheaper alternative. Now, if I could only do that with Princess A’s clothes.

Stay Glamorous,



4 responses to “SPARKLE UGGS FOR CHEAP!

  1. i was about to say…ive seen them at walmart for cheap! 170 thats insane!

    • Bonnie, Awesome! We don’t have a walmart in Manhattan so I didn’t know that. How much are they and what colors do they come in. I would drive to a out of town Walmart to get my fix! I just love anything sparkly lol

  2. $ 170 is too much!
    I just bought (in France) UGG Classic Short in Leopard for a friend for € 76 or about $ 99!
    Frankly for $ 30 they do just as well … they are super nice!
    I think if it was for me, I would have the same choice!

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