My step-mom is from England and every Christmas she would put Christmas crackers on everyone’s place setting at Christmas Eve dinner… and I am not talking about the kind you eat! I am talking about the crackers pictured above. You pull a string on each side, hear a pop, and then your prizes and toys are revealed! You also get a paper hat which is my favorite part. My family has tons of pictures of each other wearing these silly hats over the years.

This year I am not able to spend Christmas with my family in Kansas so I was pleasantly surprised when I walked by The London Candy Company and saw these Christmas crackers being sold. I got 12 for only $12.95! We don’t have a lot of storage in our apartment so instead of buying flowers this week I decided to make a Christmas Cracker bouquet and am very proud of the results!Whether you are British or not Christmas crackers are a great finishing touch to any holiday party. The funny hats and toys really break the ice and help people loosen up. These are hard to find in America so if you live in New York stop by The London Candy Company on the Upper East Side!

Stay Glamorous,



5 responses to “CHRISTMAS CRACKERS

  1. thats creative and cute, i love it

  2. Very creative Shannon. I love it. We always have crackers at Christmas. They really are a lot of fun. The jokes inside are always corny but we laugh at them anyway. And I’ve gotten some really cool toys over the years too. My favourites are the mini puzzles, whistles and key chains. Have fun cracking yours this Christmas. 🙂

  3. Wow I didn’t realise that crackers were a British/Commonwealth thing. I actually had to google that! I just assumed everyone had them at Christmas. Not only a glamorous blog but educational too 🙂 x

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