I can’t believe I have been back from Paris for over a week and I am not even half way done writing about my trip. I guess Paris is just that awesome! On our trip we had to stop in a convenience store to buy some toiletries and we were shocked by the fabulousness of the store! In the States our convenience stores aren’t have this glamorous! They had champagne.Yummy yet styling macaroons.Baby Burberry… sorry Princess A but this wasn’t in our price range!Baby Dior… again Princess A not in our price range… do you want us to be able to afford college for you or not?I even took this cool picture of my Harajuku Lovers bracelet in the bathroom. In The States most convenience stores don’t have bathrooms and if they do they are hardly this glamorous. I love Paris!My favorite pat was the Karl Lagerfeld Coca-Cola Light!!! I had to try some and yes it tasted even because it said Karl Lagerfeld on it… I know I am a label whore. Writing this makes me miss Paris. I hope to return there one day soon.

Stay Glamorous,




  1. thats a store for sure, yea baby burberry and dior?? yea i can’t afford for myself much less for any kids lol

  2. That didn’t even look like what a convenient store would like if I were dreaming. It was really cool and I absolutely love the mirror and your bracelet!

  3. That’s surreal lol. I can’t believe it’s a corner store! That’s it, I’m going to Paris for my next holiday!

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