Where’s Amelia? I am posting this picture just so all the other moms out there don’t think that Amelia is some super baby who stays still for pictures and is always posing. She is pretty good in front of the camera but now that she is crawling it is much harder to take her picture because she wants to move around and play “Where’s Amelia?” This is a game where she puts a blanket over her head or hides behind something and we pretend to not know where she is even though the massive amount of baby giggling gives it away! My secret to getting good baby pictures is just to take tons and tons of pictures and then you can delete the pictures like this later.You can also delete pictures like this where your child decided they want to be the photographer and try to steal the camera.Finally, I got a picture of Amelia’s outfit but she is not happy about it… she wants to move and explore!!!Here is a close up of the cute buttons on her pants. Good luck taking pictures of your babies!

Onesie- $14.95 Baby Gap

Pants- Carter’s (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Sweetie just be glad this is the time of digital pictures. My children had to deal with me and the cam and waiting for pics to come in from Wally. And then to have them turn out like that, total face palm moment! But its worth it when u get that perfect pic that makes everyone go awwwwwwwww!!!!

    • YES!!!! Digital cameras are so awesome. MY parents are jealous because I am able to take so many pictures of Amelia and if they are bad I just delete them and don’t have to pay to have them all developed.

  2. She’s so cute & I love her outfit. 🙂

    I know such photos and – you can imagine – it gets worse when they start walking (& running). My old camera takes loads of photos of empty sofas, open doors, carpets with just a foot in one corner and neatly arranged backgrounds left all alone. 😉

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