I can’t get this song out of my head. Maybe that’s because this morning I am tired and need HELP! Things were so much easier when I was younger and now that I am older I need more help!

I feel like someone gave Amelia baby speed because she was up all night babbling and walking. I wish I knew baby talk so I could know what she was talking about. She is really proud of herself for learning to stand and wants to do it ALL THE TIME. She didn’t take any naps yesterday and now I miss the days when she slept all night and took naps. Doesn’t she know that I need a nap?

When she isn’t in her crib not napping she is getting into everything. Amelia wants nothing to do with the cool toys I bought her. She would rather play with electrical cords and anything dangerous.

This morning I woke up tired from going to my friend’s birthday and Amelia woke up raring to go. To make myself feel better I turned on my camera to look at some pictures and then some how deleted all of them. I freaked out but then my awesome husband some how found a way to recover them.

Then I had to give Amelia some baby Tylenol because she is getting 2 new teeth and guess what? I spilled all the red baby Tylenol all over my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt. Yes, I said Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… I know I am a dork.

Amelia is just developing so fast I can’t keep up. I should have known this when I was pregnant. Whenever my OBGYN would listen to her heartbeat or take ultrasounds he would say, “Oh Child!” because she moved so much he couldn’t get a good picture or hear her heartbeat. I actually had to go in for a 20 week ultrasound three times because she refused to move into a position where they could see if her heart was developing. At her 12 week ultrasound, she was doing somersaults constantly and looked like a little jumping bean.

Now when she is crawling around trying to destruct the apartment I hear my OBGYN’s voice saying, “Oh Child!” over and over again. I am proud of her new abilities but want to learn baby talk so that I can tell her that her loving parents need a break.

So I just want to thank everyone in my life who is helping me get my feet off the ground. Even if you just comment on my blog… you have no idea how much your sweet comments help me. Anyway, just letting you know that you are all truely awesome!

Stay Glamorous,



17 responses to “HELP!

  1. You are probably hearing all the cliches, like hang in there, it gets better, (no it doesnt, just different) , Ill just say I remember those days and Im thinking of you and trying to send you some sleep through the atmosphere.

  2. We read your blog at work all the time! Keep up the good work!
    ❤ Langley & Marc by Marc Women's Accessories staff

  3. I remember those days like it was yesterday! I recall going to work and thinking…. Why is this the most relaxing time of day?? I agree with the above does get different. Children are alot of work, but worth every minute. Always make sure you take time for YOU! Even if it is just 20 minutes during a nap. Princess A seems like quite an enthusiatic girl!

  4. Well hun all I can say to ya is that the naps do come back just not as often as u would like. Baby speed is so much faster than anyone expects. Standing is an awesome achievement. I’m so happy for her. Walking will not be far behind. I learned to put up all valuables and breakables. Then I learned to get them a box to play with, that will be what they enjoy the most. Not the toy, the big box that they can climb in and all over. Yea those are the great times. Any other children that come along, will develop faster. My youngest walked at 8 months just cause everyone else around him was walking, he had to as well. It actually does get better and different. Sleep is what you get when you send them all to school. TRUST ME!!!!

  5. As a mother of a two and a half year old I have just went through this, the good news is that it does end. It will not last forever. Then you can sympathize with other moms when they are going through this.

  6. Not believe being a mother is a full time job!
    Your Princess is full of life, it is essential. They grow up so fast ….
    Today I celebrated 6 years of my goddaughter and my God. I feel like it was yesterday and I held in my arms and tried to calm her down because her teeth were pushing!
    Today was my goddaughter: princess dress, tiara … and it coursing in all directions! But I love it. Only happiness!
    Take care of yourself is essential and surout keep your zest for life that you share with us …

  7. My youngest is six and I remember these days all too well. I hate to say it but it’s going to be trial by fire 🙂 As for the cords, we stapled them down if we could. Some use PVC pipe to keep the bulk of them out of the way (thread them through). It’s hard when they don’t want to sleep. I wish I could give some or any advice on this but my kids still fight me on sleeping and they’re six and eight. My son decided naps were below him when he was nine months.

  8. Oh do I still remember those days. Heck, I’m still living in them with my four year old. She has so much energy, I can’t keep up with her. She’s always on the go. I love watching her explore but at times I need a break also. Hope it gets a little slower soon.

  9. I know exactly how you feel, Shannon… I went through the same a few years ago.

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