I met Jackson Rathbone, Will Schmidt, Ben Graupner, and Ben Johnson at Interlochen Arts Academy. I had a very mixed experience at Interlochen. I met some of my best friends there but also had some of my worst experiences as a student there. Some of the teachers were awesome and some were just plain mean. Larry Reiman was only there for my senior year and I didn’t get along with him at first but in the end he showed his true colors to me and he turned out to be one of the awesome teachers.

I went to Interlochen for three years and while it is a high school it was very competitive. I was a theater major and spent all my time in the costume shop and was never cast in a play. You would think that since it was high school they could let each student have at least one role but nope not at Interlochen. I felt like the ugly duckling of the theater department and it got even worse when my favorite teacher was fired my junior year. Interlochen has a bad habit of firing the teachers that actually connect with students.

When Larry started teaching my senior year I thought he was just like the other teachers. He never cast me in his plays and didn’t let me direct a senior one act even though I had taken the directing course… which was the only requirement. The last week of my senior year he came up to me and said he wanted to talk. He apologized for not letting me direct a one act and said he was wrong for never casting me. Larry told me he thought I was really talented, hoped I had a good time at New York University, and that he thought I would be succesful at whatever I was passionate about.

Larry Reiman had nothing to gain from apologizing to me. I was a student graduating and we haven’t seen each other since. But he apologized anyway which taught me a big lesson about life. Which is that you should do the right thing even when there is nothing in it for you.

Now Interlochen Arts Academy is firing Larry Reiman for no reason. So in honor of this lesson I signed a petition for him to help keep his job. I know none of you know Larry personally but if you have time please sign the petition as well and forward this to your friends. You won’t gain anything from it but you would be helping someone who influenced myself, Jackson, Ben, and Ben. And more importantly you would be helping someone in need and doing the right thing.

Petition for Larry Reiman

Stay Glamorous,



6 responses to “HELP A TEACHER

  1. Signed promptly. I’m glad ya’ll had someone that impacted your life enough for ya’ll to be entertaining us no matter how you do it and I’m sure ya’ll influence others as well. Jay, Ben, and Ben I know influence loads and your blogs are very entertaining. Hope he gets to stay on at that school.

  2. Hi Shannon, I just signed the petition. When I read your blog it hit me like a ton of bricks. When I was in high school, I had this awesome English teacher named Miss Wagner. She was by far the best English teacher at the school. She understood my desire to write and did everything she could to encourage me. Thanks to her I found the courage to enter a few literary contests and succeeded in winning first place. Sadly, when I was in grade 11 Miss Wager was fired apparently for breach of contract. I attended a private all girls Catholic high school. Miss Wager had gotten married during the summer but she married a divorced man outside the Catholic church. The school claimed that she had breached her contract and was a bad influence on the students and therefore fired her. The students of course did not see it that way and we tried everything we could to stop it but we didn’t succeed. I was devastated. When I read about Larry, I knew I had to sign. I don’t want future students at Interlochen to miss out on the opportunity to learn from a good teacher. 🙂

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