When I tell people the name of my blog I get one of two responses.

1- “Gross…. why would you name it that. People are going to think it’s a fetish website.”

2-“That is so funny. I love it. That’s my life. Wait till you start potty training your daughter… then there will be even more poop, pee, and puke.”

If people give the first response they are usually not parents. If they are parents they either have nannies or are lying. Or they are perfect and didn’t poop will pushing their baby out and breast feeding never hurt.  And guess what? I HATE YOU!

If they give me the second response I know immediately that they are cool and I want to be their friend.

If you would give me the first response let me tell you a little about babies and dogs that live together in small apartments. In the picture above Amelia and Freckles look innocent… almost too innocent…. like the cat that ate the canary innocent. And I would tell you that’s because they are.

Last night Amelia pooped in the bath tub for the fourth night in a row. I was bathing her and all the sudden the water turned brown and it was everywhere. I picked her up and put her on a towel on the ground and started cleaning out the bathtub but it was so bad I had to do a lot of scrubbing. While I was doing this Amelia crawled sans diaper into our bedroom. I heard a laugh and thought nothing of it but then I looked into our bedroom and Amelia had peed and there she was petting Freckles while he drank her pee like he hadn’t had anything to drink in months. Gross! Then while I was re-bathing Amelia I heard a splat and I hoped that it had nothing to do with poop, pee, or puke.

Unfortunately, when I inspected the sound it was Freckles. He suffers from dog acid reflux which causes him to puke up stomach bile whenever he eats something too acidic or doesn’t eat frequently enough. I remembered that I had forgotten to feed him that night and I guess pee is very acidic.

So I decided to ignore the puke and finish putting Amelia to bed. I grabbed Freckles, took him to the nursery, and shut the door. I had had enough poop. pee, and puke for one night and didn’t want Freckles to eat his own puke… which he has been known to do in the past.

When she was finally asleep I cleaned up the puke and started cracking up because I had dealt with poop, pee, and puke in a major way in less than an hour. I almost felt like they were punishing me for calling my blog “Poop Pee Puke”. I had some writing to do and wanted to feel glamorous and also be able to see so I put my Chanel glasses on.Here’s a side view of them… they have pearls on the side.

So if after you read this post you are like “Yes! Finally someone who gets me and is going through the same thing!”. I thank you and invite you to share in my journey of poop, pee, and puke.

Stay Glamorous,



12 responses to “WHY POOP PEE PUKE?

  1. Stinks you were having one of those days but, man that’s funny!!! Happy to be a #2 hahaha!!!

  2. Absolutely loved this one! People just don’t get the poop, pee, and puke thing until they go through it. I have gone through it twice and both times had me wanting to cry and laugh at the same time just like u did last night. People who don’t get it, just don’t get it. We mommies and daddies do and that’s what matter. Good parents aren’t perfect, but our babies think we hang the moon and are perfect in every way that matters.

  3. Well I have always said that until someone pees, pukes, or poops on ya, you aren’t a real parent. Yes all 3 of my kids have done all of the above on me, several times. Yay i’m now a parent.

  4. Kinda love this…I am a single mom with two kids and three dogs…and the answer is yes…for sanity purposes I should have been institutionalized years ago…pretty much in three words you have summed up my entire last seven years of existence…case in point today it took me four hours…that’s right FOUR…to realize that somewhere between rushing to get everyone out the door this morning and cleaning up after my two year old who firmly believes that clothing and diapers are optional…even in 35 degree weather…I somehow stepped in poop while trying to clean up after one of the dogs…who no matter how long he stays outside feels that pooping inside is clearly what the cool dogs do…sigh

  5. Wait till your daughter eats something she shouldn’t, and you have to dig through her poopie diapers to see if its passed.

    That’s what happened with my 2 year old. She had an owl backpack hanging from a teacup hook on her wall. She pulled the hook out of the wall and ate it. Which resulted in a trip to the ER with my other daughter (who was 2 months at the time) in tote. They took x-rays, and told me it would pass, but I needed to thumb through her BM’s for the next few days. When it finally passed I was so excited I got up, did a happy dance (no more diggin’ through shit for me), and in my complete and udder joy, I stepped on my 2 yr olds glasses and broke them. Whew! What a day!!! Ah, the joys of parenting. HA HA!

  6. 1st: I love the name of your blog…
    2nd: You have my utmost respect for not freaking out after so much poop, pee & puke
    3rd: I know how you feel. 😉

    Your blog is great!
    Greetings from Germany,
    Ann-K & Lillian (21 months)

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