I wanted to have lunch at Chez Julien ever since it was mentioned in “The Ringer”…. cheesy I know! Well luckily, the food was really good! I had steak and fries and the husband had escargot. Since we were in France I wanted to try but I just couldn’t. I don’t know why but I find snails cute.We finished our lunch with coffee. I love how the served it with chocolate for a treat and a mint for your bad coffee breath afterwards.This picture is just to show of my Marc Jacobs Panther nails that my friend Langley got me. You can just stick them on your nails and they stay good for about a week.Chez Julien is a gorgeous restaurant and my favorite part was the ceiling. I want to have this ceiling in my bedroom!The second floor had a snazzy zebra couch that red “Black with white spots or white with black spots?” in French above it. Writing this post is making me hungry and homesick for Paris. If you go to paris you should definitely check this restaurant out!

Stay Glamorous,



One response to “LUNCH AT CHEZ JULIEN

  1. I love those nails of urs. Keep up the great work hun.

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