I had so much fun in Paris. Even though I love Princess A and Freckles it was nice to have some alone time with The Husband and not have to deal with someone who acts like a drunk cave woman all day. Now that I am back Princess A and I  have colds and she is getting 2 new teeth.

My biggest issue though is Princess A pooping in the bath tub. She has done it every day since we got back from Paris. Maybe she is paying me back for leaving her or for writing a blog about her poop. I have tried various different methods to time her pooping so that it’s not in the tub but nothing has worked. Any advice would greatly be appreciated because nothing makes you feel poopier than having to clean up poop!

Anyway,things are hectic to say the least and I am not getting much sleep, haven’t washed my hair in four days, and need a manicure. Then I woke up to find a new pimple on my face. I instantly regretted making the no photo shop rule for my blog and thought about not taking a picture of my outfit today even though I was really proud of it. Luckily, I got over it and wore my outfit anyway pimples, dirty hair, and all.

I wore some big sunglasses because they always make me feel fabulous. I left the door without putting a head band on which made me feel so embarrassed. After Princess A was born I lost a lot of hair. Now I have bald spots and short pieces of hair where it is growing back. That’s why I love wearing headbands! I did my best to forget about it and go on with my day.I have to say this amazing new ring helped my mood. But I still really need a manicure!And my Yo Gabba Gabba shoes made my daughter smile even though she was in pain from teething.Later I decided to get a bottle of wine to relax.And for my cold I found these Eiffel Tower tissues to remind me of my fun trip to Paris.

Today I felt like shit and did not want to get out of bed but I forged ahead and used the power of fashion to make myself feel better. Who ever said “Fake it till you make it”, was right. Hopefully one day soon my bald spots will go away and my skin will clear up but for now I am glad I can still be glamorous despite the mess!

Sunglasses- Screaming Mimi’s (Gift)

Shirt- Missoni for Target

Coat- $89 Sabine for

Tissues- $2 Ricky’s

Shoes-$50 Vans

Ring- $16 Sabine for

Socks- Little MissMatched (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,



8 responses to “BACK TO THE POOP PEE PUKE

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, reminds me of life when my kids were little! Oh the days of no showers, hair brushing, make up or time to yourself! Keep your desire to be fashionable, it’s to easy too become frumpy! Once you give it up it’s harder to start giving a crap again! Happy living!!!

  2. I think the cold has hit everyone as I also pushed forward with one today and took my girls to school on top of cleaning my house, which is a pain when you’re achy and have a cold (as I’m sure you know). You looked great despite how your day started. Keep it up!

  3. Ok I just have to say, she will grow out of the pooping in the bathtub. Nothing I did worked either, it sucks i’m sorry. Just remember for future kids, she will be old enough to clean it up and will lament doing it when she was younger. LOL. I’m sorry that you aren’t feeling well, but that does happen after trips. I know my kids love to share, YAY. Keep up looking great hun!!!!

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