Today is Princess A’s Godfather’s birthday. In honor of Jackson’s birthday I wanted to dedicate a post to his style. This is what he wore on his day off in Paris. I love that his style is influenced by growing up in Texas! He always has the best cowboy boots and I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of them in Paris. My favorite part of this outfit is the western necklace. I wish I knew what the name of these things are… oh well!Here is a close up of the necklace… I bet J would not appreciate me calling this a necklace!

Stay Glamorous,



11 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE J!

  1. hehe! Google says it’s a Bolo tie. Here we call it “Cravate texane” =”Texas tie” Maybe this works in the USA too…

  2. Bolotie it`s the name of it. 😉

  3. Very awesome to dedicate a post to him today. Hope “Uncle J” had a great bday today!

  4. Uncle J might not appreciate it being called a necklace, but hey its all good for the rest of us junkies!!!!!!!

    thanks for the pics hun, so glad u had fun.

  5. when is the birthday of Jackson? because in some places say on 21 December.

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