It was really hard for us to decide on a hotel in Paris. It is a very expensive city and we were on a budget but we wanted to be near the action. We decided on the Hotel Esmeralda and were very happy with the choice.

First off, it had a great location. We were close to the Latin Quarter, Notre Dame, tons of subway stops, Shakespeare and Company, the Louvre, and tons of great restaurants! When we looked out our window this is what we saw…The Seine and Notre Dame!!!!!Besides location the hotel had character and was decorated with antiques. It even had exposed timbers on the ceiling.I felt like I was a glamorous character in a La Belle Époque novel. The lobby was tiny but the fabulous stone walls and paintings made it feel cozy and stunning. I also loved the wallpaper in our room! I know, I am a sucker for pink flowers and paintings of dogs!

The 5 day stay ended up costing us around 700 dollars which is very reasonable considering the location and unique style of the hotel. I would definitely stay there again and recommend it to all my fab friends.

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Wow thats not a bad deal for 5 days. Awesome pics!!!!

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