I was talking to another parent today about the over whelming task of baby proofing. With all the products out there and unsolicited advice it can be hard to decide what is necessary. My daughter has been crawling for 2 weeks now and is into everything. Now I ask myself why was I so excited for her to crawl in the first place? It was much nicer when she just sat there, played with her toys, and didn’t try to drink from the dog’s water bowl. After my 2 weeks chasing Amelia here are my baby proofing tips.

1. Always pretend your child is one step ahead developmentally. Meaning if you child can sit prepare your home for a crawler and if your child can crawl prepare your house for a walker. Babies develop at such different speeds it’s hard to know when they will move to the next stage. My daughter went from stationary to speed racer in about a day and I was unprepared. Take my advice and babyproof now while you don’t have to worry about chasing your curious baby.

2. You are the best baby proofer. Yesterday a mom friend asked me how to baby proof her bookcase because her son kept climbing it while she was in the other room working. I told her to either watch him in her office or get rid of the bookcase. Babies are way more clever than we give them credit for and can find ways to get into anything and everything. If you or a responsible caregiver are always watching them, your baby won’t be able to get into something you didn’t think in your wildest dreams they could get into to.

3. The Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Latch. This is a life saver. We have used it on our cabinets, closets, toilet, refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. It is easy to install and doesn’t require drilling. You just clean the surface first and then stick the latch on.

The Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Latch is available in a 2 pack from for $3.39.

4. Safety 1st Deluxe Press Fit Outlet Plugs. My daughter learned how to take out the average outlet plugs in 2 days. These outlet plugs are so hard to remove sometimes I have trouble with them. You have to press both sides very hard to unplug them.

These are available in an 8-pack from for 3.79.

There are a ton more things you can do in the way of baby proofing and every one’s home is very different. For instance, now I am glad I live in a small New York apartment and don’t have to deal with stairs!  But these are in my opinion the top four tips for a novice baby proofer.

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2 responses to “BABY PROOFING TIPS

  1. Luckily I didn’t have to baby proff much 😉 my kids never got into stuff as babies.. Surprisingly! The only things that were baby proofed in my house were cabinets that had cleaners. They were pretty good in the sense that they never climbed or got into things 😉 They are 6,4,and 2 now. Right now I do have lockes on the pantry and fridge because they like to help themselves to all the food.. It’s amazing how long food lasts since I put those things on!

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