This was the first thing I saw when I went to Gaga’s workshop at Barney’s. I got confused and took the entrance on Madison which didn’t have a direct route to the workshop. That’s alright though because I enjoyed browsing all the designer goods Barney’s has to offer. I took the escalator to the fifth floor and then I got lost again.

Then a kind woman directed me to this hallway and when I got to the end of it….

Viola! I was in Gaga’s Workshop! The art work in the store was amazing and I wanted to buy everything there!

Behind this statue they even had gifts for dogs! I didn’t get anything for my dog because he wouldn’t appreciate it

This was by far my favorite art piece. Under the Lady Gaga spider is beautiful jewelry and nail art.

I had to stop myself from buying everything in the workshop so I only left with one bag. I kept saying everything goes to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Charity so I am helping people right?… but I was able to withhold myself. Luckily, the workshop is open until January 2nd 2012, so I still have some time to shop!

Stay Glamorous,



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