I am from Kansas and even though I hate to admit it sometimes my birthplace effects my fashion choices. My brother wears cowboy boots almost every day and I love the big belts and hats people in Kansas wear to rodeos. But, whenever I decide to do a fashion tribute to Kansas I always do it with and urban twist.

I have had these boots for over ten years and love them. They are great in the fall with jeans or in the summer with a short skirt.To make the look more urban I added fabulous over sized sunglasses and wore my favorite fall coat. I get tons of compliments on this coat and I have a friend who used the design for her wedding cake. I wish I could tell you where to get it but it is vintage and acquired from my friend Amber who runs Magda’s Style Room. Get excited because what she does is amazing and I will be writing more about her in the future!

I also had to add some owls to this outfit because ever since my daughter started cooing like an owl on speed I have been obsessed with them.

Boots- Boulet (Gift)

Jeans- $69.95 The Gap

Owl Shirt- $24.94 Old Navy

Coat- Magda’s Style Room

Owl Earrings-  $14 Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses- Screaming Mimi’s (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,



2 responses to “URBAN COWGIRL

  1. Love the boots

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