This is the Pretty Eliza Diaper Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs in Normandy Blue. I LOVE this diaper bag . It is one of three diaper bags I own and the least expensive designer bag I own. They just came out with some new designs and colors and now I want another one. Since I can’t justify buying a fourth diaper bag I will share these fabulous bags with my fellow readers.

I am doing a longer post about all my diaper bags later. But in a nutshell this diaper bag is my favorite because it is fashionable and doesn’t look like a diaper bag, is huge, and durable. I spilled bleach on my diaper bag last month and nothing happened…. if it wasn’t for the smell I would of thought I just imagined everything. The bags also can be machine washed, hold four bottles, has a waterproof lining, and comes with a matching changing pad.

These bags cost $288 and can be purchased by calling Kieran or Scott at the Little Marc Jacobs store in New York. The phone number is 212-206-6644 and they do domestic and international shipping.

Stay Glamorous,


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