This outfit of the day is dedicated to my daughter’s three Godfather’s. She has three because she is so beautiful she needs extra protection.

This is Amelia and her godfather Ben when she was only 8 weeks old. Ben Graupner has been my friend for over ten years. In high school, he accidently threw a snow ball at me and then got me an apology card with a pink poodle. That’s when I knew we would be friends for life. He is in a band called the 100 Monkeys and just started a new band called Mechanical People. He is also a talented actor and very good at taking care of people when they are drunk… not that I would know anything about that.

This is Amelia with her Godfather J. Jackson Rathbone is also in the band 100 Monkeys and is an actor. He’s done a ton of movies but if you want to know about that google him. We also met in high school and he makes fun of me better than anyone else.  When I moved to LA he chauffeured me all around so I could shop and took me to some fabulous restaurants. He helped me get an apartment there. He is also a friend for life.

This is Amelia sleeping during her first meeting with her Godfather Will. Will is an actor, music video director, rapper, and has awesome Michael Jackson moves. Will and I met in high school too. I shared my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with him which shows I liked him right off the bat because I rarely share. We moved to New York at the same time and he was my New York family for many years. Now he lives in LA with the rest of Amelia’s godfathers (boo) but we are still friends for life.

All three of Amelia’s godfather’s tour a lot but luckily she has the monkey versions of 2 of them to keep her company. Unfortunately, there is no Will monkey but someone needs to make one for my daughter ASAP.

Anyway, I take my daughter to baby Rock and Roll classes so that she will one day appreciate her Godfathers music. Of course, I can’t take her to class in just any old baby outfit. Here is what she wore today to Little Maestros.

The monkeys can be found at the for $25 each.

The pink camo shoes are Tom’s and cost $29.

The leather vest costs $54 and the marbled jeggings cost $29.50 both can be found at 77 Kids.

The Rock and Roll onesie was a gift from Aunt Stacey and her Grandma so I don’t know the price or where to get it. But if you really want it Amelia is almost grown out of it so let me know and I can send it to you…. just kidding I am saving all of Amelia’s clothes for my future second child!

I am so grateful that Amelia has such great godfathers and that they have been in my life for so long. More importantly, I can’t wait until she is old enough to go to one of their concerts so I can dress her up in something cute!

Stay Gorgeous,




  1. she is very lucky to have them as her god fathers.they are awesome guys and so very sweet.I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them more than once.your daughter is so very your site too

  2. yw.maybe I’ll see you at a show sometime as well =)

  3. Heh, Ben has also taken care of my drunk self. Turns out I can’t down half a bottle of whiskey without trying to do cartwheels in a hotel parking lot!

    Your blog is hilarious and adorable. I’m digging it.

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