I consider my dog to be one of my children too so of course I want to make sure he is ready for all types of weather. Here is Freckles in his rain coat today.

It is water-repellent, lined with fleece, your dog can go to the restroom in it without soiling the coat, and you can put your dog’s name on it! It also has a reflective strip so driver’s can see your dog at night. You can machine wash it and I can attest to this because Freckles has had his coat for over a year and it has been washed many times. The only draw back is that it leaves the belly bare so in really bad storms your dog’s stomach will still get cold and dirty. I am looking for another coat for Freckles that addresses this issue and will get back to you soon.

It is from Lands End and comes in blue, red, and yellow. It costs $29.50 with an extra $8 for monogramming. I think it is worth the buy for days with light rain or cold winter days with no muddy snow.

Stay Glamorous,



  1. Looks good! would be really cool for my Chihuahua girl, of course in a smaller size!

  2. Hi Shannon, Do they come in sizes to fit small and extra small dogs? I have a Chihuahua and a Chug. Love the site. Thanks, Tammy

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