This is my daughter Amelia. Whether by nature or nurture she is already a diva. If she doesn’t get enough beauty sleep she is a horror, she already has a distaste for the paparazzi, and her teething toy of choice are the $1,200 Chanel pearls I wore at my wedding.

When she was a newborn she wore mostly pastel pink outfits that were gifts from friends but by the time she was 3 months old we had both had enough of her looking like a porcelain doll. It was hard to find baby clothes that are cute but also modern and edgy. So I will post an outfit on most days (some days Amelia isn’t up for photo shoots) so I can share my finds. Amelia’s outfits range from places like Target to Marc Jacobs so whatever your price range I will be able to help you find cool baby clothes.

Here is what Amelia wore today to attend her Rock and Roll Baby class
Abbey Road Beatles onsie- $6.99
Pig Hat- a gift from Baby Gap
Pink Fleece pants- $16 from Carters
Grey socks- these came in a sock three pack that cost $14 at Carters
Sweater- $84 Little Marc Jacobs

Stay Fabulous,


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