The teenager inside of me and the new mom that I am today is so excited for Gwen Stefani’s new children’s line at Target. Like most women my age I grew up listening to her music and copying her style. When she had kid’s I envied that she was able to look fabulous all the time even though she has two kid’s. I also am obsessed by the cute and unique way in which she dresses her sons.

Now that I have a daughter who is 7 months old I am sick of the pastel pink. It is hard to find cute clothes for baby girls that are girly but don’t look like some one vomited pink Tums all over your child. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE pink but I want my daughter to look fashionable and modern…. not like a doll from the 1950’s.

Enter Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini line. The clothes are for babies, kids, and teens. They even have accessories like luggage and backpacks. Every piece is under $30 and they will make your child look like they are the coolest kid on the playground.

The line is available online and in stores on November 13th. If you miss out it’s okay because they are re-releasing the line sometime in January…. but if I were you I would line up outside your nearest Target store on November 12th so you can be sure to get all of these cute clothes. I am even considering going on a diet so I can fit into the tween dresses. Just kidding I am buying them so my daughter will have something fabulous to wear in 13 years to her bat mitzvah.

That’s the Buzz,

Queen Bee Shannon

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  1. thanks for share
    i like it

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